YouTube Tips and Tricks How To Use The Video Editor in YouTube


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If you didn’t know, we just had some fantastic news that in YouTube we now have the ability to edit our videos again once they’re uploaded. We did have an editor but they took it away about, oh, maybe six months to a year ago and I was a bit upset at the time but they’ve now brought it back. If you want to know where it is and how to access it, you best follow me. So here I am in the YouTube dashboard and where it used to be was down here under create. You used to have the editor there. You’ve still got your music policies and your audio library, down there but what we want to do is access the actual editing. Want to access the actual editing to just trim your clips once you’ve uploaded. If you’re just uploading on a phone this is really great stuff. Now you need to be in the YouTube Studio beta and that brings you up a brand new dashboard. And we want to go into here, into the videos section and look, here’s one. I uploaded a logo show reel so I’ll use this as an example. So we click on, on that. We now want this part here, editor. So now when we click editor we now have, see if you’ve got editing software you can now see that that is very similar to a normal editing software so you have your play head down at the bottom here where you’re got your clip. This was also, I need a massive shout out to Darryl Eaves, who just pinged me a video explaining this as well, I’ve been looking for it for ages. We have an undo and redo button up here. We have discard changes, a save button. This element here is all for your, view your keyboard shortcuts so those little keyboard shortcuts if you do a lot of editing you normally do use your keyboard more than anything else. And then here we have the play button, back ten seconds, forward ten seconds. There’s your audio. Again, here’s your usual stuff, you can increase your speed. Again, if you’re editing, you really want to have that play head running quick, otherwise you’re watching the videos over and over again and it takes you a long time. And a full frame, a full screen there. But it’s down here so we’ve got, hopefully, I’m hoping at some stage, they will put an ability to put another layer on so we can chop and change the music underneath. Maybe you’ve got the video and the sound/audio below. And on this part, this is where you can put and end screen as well. Not sure what that button’s going to let us do, if anything. It’s always good. I’m guessing that they’ll add to those because in the missing features element you’ve got cards and that sort of thing which you would normally put on your video. So here we have the timer so we can tell it to trim and that will then put this big blue box around it and in that box you can hit the split, cancel and preview. So here you go, you can split. Once you’ve hit the split button you can then just drag, drag it across. And then we can preview it. It’s just, pop that there, so this is preview in real time. So just cuts that out. It’s not a very good one to explain it on. I should really have one where I’m talking, really. Maybe have another split, so I want my edit trim. So then we can always do another split, put a split there maybe? Again, do another little drag. Do another bounce. Up here, by the way, you can expand or decrease your play head timeline so if you’re like this, I was editing to a beat initially so we can preview that as well. Let’s just hit the play. It just cuts it out. And then obviously you can either discharge the changes or you can save them and it will, uh, I’ll discard those, but that would then change your little video which I think is great news. As I say, hopefully, they will be doing another one with an extra layer so we can actually remove the audio or add a little layer above for maybe some extra animation or annotation, drop in some lower thirds, maybe. Might be coming, don’t know, but at least you can do a little bit of editing, little bit of trimming actually when your video’s actually up and online and if you’ve got the videos all very, very similar and basically YouTube can tell if you’ve got the same video but you need to just trim it slightly to make it a new video then that’s a really handy tool. Okay well I’m excited, hope you’re excited as well. Hope you’re going to use it but there, this is a new beta, or beta, I don’t know which way you sound it, which way round you say it but the YouTube editor is back and it’s hopefully going to be even better so please, put your comments below. What would you like to see the editor include? Let’s get YouTube and say, “Hey, this is what we all want. “We want extra layers, we want more audio. “Be able to do better edits within the platform.” They might actually help us out so comment below, obviously subscribe to the channel. Hit the bell notification then you get notified every Thursday when I put a video out there and this one will be probably Thursday’s. Okay, take care guys, and I’ll see you next Thursday.

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