How To Make A Square Video Good For Facebook Using iMovie – An iMovie Square Video Hack 



Hi, Nick here and I’ve been using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud and Camtasia to make my square videos for Facebook and Instagram and someone well actually a couple of people asked me is it possible to make them in iMovie and the answer is no, or is it?  Is there an iMovie square video hack?

Can you make them in iMovie, no but there is a way around it and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this video.

So here we are in iMovie and it’s my rectangular canvas I can’t change so.  I have to download my film the one of me I was just doing one in front of a green screen so going to download that first of all so we got that to play with.  Once the film’s downloaded I want to go in an open keynote and I’m going to basically drag and drop that video right into a blank document, a blank presentation slide, so here we go just done that and there you go, there’s the film sitting in the slide.  Now, obviously it’s still rectangular but what I want to do, is I want to make it all square.  I need to go in to make it bigger so I know I’m doing.   I want to go into documents document click that document button and I’m gonna change the slide size to custom slide sizes and I’ll make that 1024 by 1024 which is a square in my book and anyone else I believe. 


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There you go and up we have it.  I’ll make it the right size so we can see, I just need to drag that back across there, lovely yes and now you can see that is basically a square.  So that would make a great square video for Facebook.  So I can then, on the top and or the bottom, I can type in my text.  So ‘Nicks iMovie square video hack’ and you can muck about with that you make it bigger, smaller, you can rotate it.  Going into text here, see if we can’t do a bit of bold, will just make it slightly different so that it’s going to stand out when we eventually post it.  Yeah, there you go that’s a bit, that’s bigger, it’s a big old hack.


Now once you’re done with the titles we can actually change the background color as well,  It doesn’t have to be white, I always like to have a different color that makes it stand out because, you know when people are scrolling through, they want you to, you want them to see our video.  You can have you different colours nice yellow and we’ve got that big master there you go, we can have all sorts of colours there that’s great.  Just pick one that you like, one that’s going to stand out from the crowd or even your corporate colours but I think this one will have a yellow so no one can miss us so once we’ve done that we’re going to file and we’re going to export it as into QuickTime.  So this will export it into an mp4 video so leave all that has it is apart from the format I always like to have it as high def as you can so 1080 that’s great, hit next and it’s gonna ask us to save so just save it obviously. 


Export it into downloads there we go export and now this will now download there you go, that’s our video that’s it in iMovie no I’m sorry in QuickTime and there you have it there’s how we have our iMovie square video hack.


As always hope you found that informative and helpful and if you’ve got any other questions please leave them in the comments below and we’ll see whether we can answer them.

Take care. Bye-bye.

So Now You know How To Make A Square Video Good For Facebook Using iMovie



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