Make More Time for Yourself

We all live busy lives and we sometimes struggle to juggle our time commitments.  We’ve pulled together 4 articles that can help you make more time for yourself. You’ll be more motivated to change if you have a specific goal. Check out for more related articles below!



In the first article ‘How To Make Time For Yourself from Wikki How, they identify 6 ways for you to generate more time and it can be simpler than you may think.

1st is the making time where you can.  This includes delegating tasks and asking for help.  Could you ask for help from your family?  Have you ever thought of outsourcing some of the more mundane but time consuming tasks?  Perhaps you can delegate work tasks or even it could be as simple as learning to take control and learning to say no to people.

2nd Is to accept that you don’t have to be perfect.  We have a saying “70% complete is probably good to go.”  If you really push me, make that 80% perfect and we’re good  .

3rd is taking time to schedule out your free time.  When we really think about and schedule our time, we understand where we can find spare or dead time to utilise.

4th Is simple.  If you want to make time for yourself you need to have something that really motivates you to find and use that time.  You will never find time if you don’t want to spend it doing something that really motivates you.  Is finding 20 minutes a day to learn a new skill to generate additional income worth it to you?  20 minutes per day will generate 2 hours over the course of the week (using 6 days)

5th is to change your schedule to make time for yourself.

6th is my favourite and I’m a right monkey for this.  Check the amount of time you spend on social media.  I’ve lost hours watching videos on YouTube and Facebook.

SAGA have come up with this great article ‘20 Great Ways To Make More Time For Yourself’

Some of the highlights are:

Managing your email.  How much time have you wasted scrolling through you emails deleting or saving for later (you know you won’t read them)  Get a great email management system and be strict with yourself.


Shopping online.  Now you know this makes sense.  I have saved hours by just shopping my groceries online and having them delivered.  Why waste all that time driving to the shop and then picking your own items. An added benefit of this is you are not seduced into buying food and groceries you really don’t want and it’s even more effective than having a shopping list.

Downsize your tasks.  I love this one, do you really need to clean the car every Sunday?   Does your garden really need to be perfect and lawn cut every week? This could save hours a week just there and they aren’t my favourite tasks!


From K Stone and Lifehacks is a great article How To Find Time For Yourself that looks at ways we can create more time for ourselves.

We can schedule time with ourselves by joining a group or an adult education class.  We can schedule time for exercise, I know I have to do this and I sometimes struggle because I always think I could be doing more to get my business running better.  Funnily enough I get more energised when I do go running or cycling. Maybe you could consider scheduling the time you leave work or just an evening to yourself for “you” time.     


Using time on the go and creating synergy.  I used to spend a lot of my time on trains and planes.  Many people slept but I used that time to read books and listen to podcasts and when my internet connection was great I’d watch a training video from YouTube.  Today when I walk to my office I’ll listen to an audio book, which is great for killing two birds with one stone. I get to exercise and learn at the same time!


We love them but sometimes just getting away from the kids can be great to recharge the batteries and this article covers your options.


Finally Elizabeth Fenner from writes a great piece titled ‘Make More Time For Yourself’ well worth reading which includes the advice to write down how you use your time currently.  I’ve done this before, keeping a diary for a week and it’s a real eye opener as to where I was wasting time on really non important stuff and made me realise I had loads more time than I thought.  Delegation, outsourcing and distractions are discussed and there is also some great advice on scheduling time efficiently and some top tips and tools to keep you on track.


I hope you find these articles informative and interesting.  Our time is the one commodity we have for free but we don’t know how much or how long we have so let’s not waste it.

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