3 Tips For Speaking On Camera How To Look Great On Camera In 3 Easy Steps

The number one reason people aren’t using video to promote their businesses is they don’t have confidence in front of the camera. So in this video, 3 tips for speaking on camera, I’m going to cover the three quick tips as how to gain confidence in front of the camera so you can be using video to get your message out, to get engagement with your ideal client and educate them and become the go-to expert in your field.


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We ran a survey asking what was holding people back from shooting video for this businesses and the number one reason was a crisis of confidence, no confidence in front of the camera. So in order to address that I thought we’d do a little video. Tip one, know what you’re talking about. Now this might sound crazy but actually, I can talk to you for hours about video, it’s great uses, the fact that Cisco are saying that 80% of all internet traffic by 2121 is going to be video, 90% of all businesses use video to convey a message and 90% of all consumers say that they would purchase based on a video they’ve seen.


Tips For Speaking On Camera Tip 1

Before you start, sit down and think. Think what it is that you want to say. Think about your message. Think what it is you want to convey and what a great tip for that is, to actually by the camera just have three little bullet points you can follow quite easily and keep you on track. Knowing what you’re going to say is a major confidence booster. One of the things that stops people is they don’t know what they’re going to say. They think they’re going to run out of content or they’re going to freeze. Dead air is terrible but don’t worry if you know what you’re going to say, take a little time, write three bullet points, then you’ll nail it.

Tips For Speaking On Camera Tip 2

Tip two is, you want to be relaxed and conversational so when you’re looking at a camera, pretend, and I do this, I pretend I’m talking to my best mate. So it’s totally natural, totally conversational and actually, when you’re doing a video you don’t want to be addressing a room full of people. This is a very one to one conversation I’m having with you right now. I’m not talking to a whole bunch of people, I’m just talking to you, and I’m solving your problem. Your problem that I want you to be confident in front of camera and that’s why I’m just sitting here as a conversation. Hey, mate, do you know what? Let me tell you what I use, and three tips I use to actually become confident in front of camera. So that’s it, that’s a one on one conversation. Just look directly in the lens, imagine it’s your best mate or your dog, whoever. And you know, that is a great, one of my best tips.


Tips For Speaking On Camera Tip 3

And tip number three is practise. Practise as we know makes perfect and practising anything that is new will give you confidence. Whenever we start something new, we feel a little apprehensive. We feel self doubt creeping in. Take a recording, record yourself, but don’t post it. Just practise it. Remember as kids we used to, I’m sure you used to do this as well, but as kids maybe if you want to play the guitar you got your tennis racket out, did a bit of air guitaring with a tennis racket or if you wanted to do a bit of singing you get your hairbrush as a microphone and in front of the mirror. Hey, they’re great tactics and we know those from being kids. So there you go, as a quick recap, there were my three top tips. One, know what you’re going to talk about. Two, pretend you’re talking to a friend. And three, just practise. By becoming confident in front of camera you can get your message out in a whole raft of different ways, you can educate, you can sell, you’ll be a better public speaker, too and that’s got to be good news. Please, put those tips into use and start creating video, it’s the way forward. I was going to say it’s the future, it’s not, it’s already here. Practise and you will enjoy it and then you’ll enjoy it going live as well. Live streaming, oh, that’s awesome. Take care guys, hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon. (text crashing on top each other


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Now You know The 3 Tips For Speaking On Camera How To Look Great On Camera In 3 Easy Steps


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